Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lilac Holographic Comparisons + bonus kitten pic

So I have 6 lilac holographic polishes in my collection - and none of them are dupes. YAY this makes me feel good because then I don't feel guilty about having any double ups :)

 My Lilac Holographic Collection
1. A England Princcess Tears
2. China Glaze IDK
3. Color Club Fashion Addict
4. Milani Hi-Res
5. OPI Designer Series Original
6. OPI Sanderella

These are all three coats, however most holographic polishes only need 2 coats.  IDK is the only linear holographic polish in my lilac collection. Fashion Addict is by far the lightest. Princess Tears flashes a grey green duochrome in certain lights.

And a bonus picture of our new kitten, Cooper who is about 14 weeks old now.
Lots of Love


  1. Hello Copper! Love holos & kitties x

  2. Aww, Cooper is such a cutie~ <3

  3. Cooper you're a cutie pie!!!! that is a lot of lilac holos!!! I think I have 3/6!!

  4. Aw kitten! Also, this post makes me sad that my mom swiped my IDK, haha!