Saturday, April 7, 2012

Im a little distracted....

This is the newest edition to our household.

His name is Cooper. We got him from the Wellington Cats Protection League. We think he is about 12 weeks old, but are not really sure.

Our other cat (Keera) is having a hard time dealing with it. At the moment we are keeping them separate, but its taking a lot of energy to keep them both happy.  Google says it can take up to three months before they are friends. Should be an interesting few weeks at least.

If any one has introduced a kitten to another cat before and has any tips please please please let me know.

Needless to say, the nails are taking a backseat to this little cutie. Sorry :(

Lots of Love


  1. Oh, what a little cutie! Will be thinking good thoughts for he & Keera to bond soon.

  2. aww what a sweetie pie! yeah a new kitteh always takes a while, I dont think theres anything you can do to help really it just takes time, but they will love eachother soon.

  3. We got a little male kitty of about 7 weeks last year in addition to our male 3 year old at the time. At first it seemed to be interesting for our "oldie", but as the little one got more active and wanted to play the whole time, things got a little difficult. It only recently turned out okay between the two of them. Only when we had the little one castrated when he was 10 months old, they would really get along. I'm pretty sure things will turn out okay with your two kitties too. Keera will get used to Cooper being there soon and will start to get along with him. =)

  4. I have introduced my cat to 5 different cats he has lived with over the time. It's about slowly introducing. Good idea in a big room during feeding time when they are too distracted by food. Same room different sides. Also not breaking up every fight. We still have one cat that hates all the others and we still let them have a mini go (under observation) because they are finding their heirachy. Personality is a big thing, my kitty LOVES other kitties and just wants to play. Other kitties who are less socialised are all like WTF! However except for the kitty who hates all kitties I have got him in a loving relationship with all my flatmates cats. I just try and not let the cat see it is a big deal.