Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spotted in NZ: BYS Scented collection

This post is a bit late. I found these in store the weekend before I got really sick and never got around to posting them. So they have been available for a month now.

I found these polishes after stalking my local Cosmetics Plus store and ringing the up about four times to find out when these were coming in. A few times I got sales assistants who had no idea what I was talking about, which is frustrating when as a consumer you know more about a product than the retailer. If I worked there I would spend a couple of minutes a week on the BYS website and would made sure I knew my stuff. Anywho.....

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The BYS website says there are 18 polishes in this collection. My local Cosmetics Plus store only had 8 of these. Apparently its up to the managers to decide what colours they bring to New Zealand. :(

Next issue I discovered was that no where on the bottle or in the shop did it tell you the scent of the polish. The labels on the bottom of the bottle just tell you the colour and these names have no link at all to the scent. Also because of the smell this brand of polishes has it was impossible to smell the scent in the shop.

So I went based on colour and only picked up one of these polishes.

BYS Scented Light Pink - Natural Light

Want to hazard a guess at the scent of this one???

Surprise.... It is Roses!

The formula on this was nice. It was three coats and the polish actually has a golden shimmer running through it, although it feels like a creme polish. The shimmer was hard to capture in the photo but trust me it is there, its just very subtle.

My problem is again with the naming of these polishes - This one isn't even really light pink. Its a nude/peachy colour. And there was no way to guess it was rose scented before I bought it home and tried it.

In saying that it does actually smell like roses. You have to wait until it is dry to smell the roses. It smells a bit like rose scented soaps.

Unfortunately (unlike the Color Club scented polishes) you can not really smell the roses that much through a top coat (I used Seche Vite). The problem with BYS is it really does need a top coat to prolong its wear (which for me is especially short with BYS).

All in all, I like this colour, I like the roses smell, but I wish it was stronger so I could smell it better through my top coat.

Lots of Love

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  1. I've totally given up on the scented nail polishes, I swear they all smell like nail polish to me.... it's a really pretty color though!