Wednesday, October 26, 2011

China Glaze on NZSale

For those followers in New Zealand, China Glaze is selling polishes on NZSale again.

I thought I would tell you what happened to my last China Glaze order off NZSale.

I ordered 6 polishes. I knew that things from NZSale could take a while to arrive. Also shipping on these is quite expensive. Shipping increases with each polish you add to your cart.

I was excited one night when we went down to the couriers to pick up my parcel. My excitement didnt last long when I recieved my parcel. It was smaller than I expected. No way 6 polishes could fit in there.

I was right. They had only sent me three polishes. But that is not the worst of it. All three sent to me were not colours I had ordered.

I rang NZSale - apparently its not up to them to fix it. Its up to the people who were selling the polishes through their website. And they no longer had any of the polishes I had ordered in stock - WTF?!?!?! Who got my polishes then? They had them in stock when I ordered them.

I did manage to get a full refund for these polishes (and shipping) after returning the 3 the had sent me. But all in all not a good experience.

The other Lisa ordered some too. Last I heard they hadn't arrived (we are talking four months later) and NZSale are blaming it on the courier company. I have my doubts here.

So if you are planning on ordering some China Glaze polishes off NZSale. Be warned. I will not be attempting another order for these. I have given up on NZSale.

Lots of Love


  1. Wow, that is one experince I wouldn't like to happen to me! I get so stressed at those situations! I hope everyone can see that NZSale is not a very reliable seller. They can't blame the couriers since they messed up your order too... what, the couriers opened your parcel and swapped the nail polishes?? I don't think so! What a bad service!!! :(

  2. That's terrible! I've never had any problems with NZSale – they're a bit slow, but all of my orders (about 5 of them now) have turned up correctly. I did end up with two different cast iron casserole dishes by mistake, but they were really easy to deal with about returning the one I didn't order.

    An experience like yours would probably put me off, though. Way too much trouble!