Monday, August 22, 2011

Sppotted in New Zealand: OPI Glam Slam + swatches

Yesterday I spotted some of the OPI Glam Slam packs at Life Pharmacy in Johnsonville. These were retailing for $44.90 at Life Pharmacy.

They had the France set which contains spark de triomphe and white shatter.

And also the New English collection, which contains Grape...set...match and Servin' up sparkle.

I had just bought this set off trademe last week and OMG it is AMAZING!!

OPI Grape...set...match - sunshine

This is an amazing purple. It is a glass effect micro shimmer polish that has pink and blue tones and is soooo deep and fascinating - you can stare at it all day long. This is 3 coats. It seems a shame that it comes with a glitter top coat in the same pack, because this beautiful purple shouldn't be covered up.

OPI Servin' up Sparkle over Grape...Set...Match - sunshine

This is two coats of Servin' up Sparkle over Grape...Set...Match. Serving up sparkle is another amazing polish. It is a clear base with little silver bits of glitter and bigger hexagon shaped silver pieces of glitter. They sparkle like little rainbows in the sun.

I have to admit that these two polishes alone could make up for some of the recent disappointments that OPI has put out lately. This is by far my favourite Glam Slam set. I wouldn't pay full retail for them though. Check out which has the sets for $37.90 or MJ nail back (on facebook and trademe).

Lots of Love


  1. They are really beautiful but way too expensive!

  2. I love OPI Servin' up Sparkle over Grape...Set...Match!!!! That looks soooo great!