Sunday, August 28, 2011

Color Club Splitting Image

Color Club Splitting Image is the blue Fractured polish from the 2011 Fractured collection.

Color Club Splitting Image over Color Club Yum Gum - white light

This is a thin coat of Splitting Image over 2 coats of Yum Gum. Splitting Image is a medium shimmery blue. It is interesting that some shatters/fractures are cremes and some are shimmers/metallics.

Color Club Splitting Image over Black - white light

I liked this pairing better than the pink combo. This is a thick coat of Splitting Image over black. You can see the differences caused through having thinner of thicker coats of polish. I don't think my black polish underneath was quite dry enough as there is a little bit of rouging on my ring and little fingers. You need to make sure that the polish underneath is completely dry first to avoid this happening.

I don't have any comparison pictures but I have the bottles and Splitting Image is lighter in colour than OPI Blue shatter and less green toned that OPI Turquoise shatter.

If your in New Zealand these are being sold online at You can get this polish for only $7.50!!!!!! You can also get Clean Break (white fracture) and Crush on you (fuchsia) for NZ$7.50. Smash Hit (black), Broken Tokens (silver) and Tattered-in-gold (gold) are selling for NZ$15 each.

Lots of Love

This polish was sent to me for review


  1. looks super pretty over the black!

  2. I like the thin coat over pink,very cute! the thick coat makes the nail look very bulky and heavy.