Monday, February 11, 2013

Darling Diva Polish Ménage à Trois - worn 3 ways

Ménage à Trois is the second polish for Valentine's Day from Darling Diva Polish.  

Darling Diva Ménage à Trois - Sunshine

Here is three thick coats of Ménage à Trois by itself.  It is made up of a bunch of different sized and toned pink glitter in a pink tinted base.  The slightly bigger bits of glitter are pink holographic pieces.  

The formula of this was good and not thick, with a good amount of glitter in the polish.  I was using decent thickness coats and it was getting pretty thick on the nail by three coats and I ended up topping it with Gelous and Seche Vite to smooth it down a bit.  There wasn't any glitter poking out, it was more that it was getting thick and starting to freak me out.  After three coats, it was not completely opaque and was getting harder to apply.

 I find this polish is much better as a glitter top coat.

 Darling Diva Ménage à Trois over BJ - Shade

Here is two coats of Ménage à Trois over its matching pink polish BJ (from yesterdays post here).  Ménage à Trois is made up of darker pink glitters than BJ is.

Darling Diva Ménage à Trois (over OPI I Think in Pink) - Sunshine
Wow! we had a lot of sun yesterday and it makes this polish 
seem a bit weird looking, but here you can see the sparkling 
of the holographic bits of glitter in the polish.

Darling Diva Ménage à Trois (over OPI I Think in Pink) - Shade 
This one is more colour accurate than the photo above

Lastly here is two coats of Ménage à Trois over OPI I Think in Pink, which is a light pink jelly polish. Here you can tell that the base for Ménage à Trois is tinted, as it darkened the base OPI pink.

Lots of Love

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