Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Color Club Platinum Record

I am still sticking to New Zealand themed manis this week.  Today's is silver and Black.
Platinum Record is from the recently released (well recently in New Zealand) Backstage Pass Collection.

Color Club Platinum Record - Sunshine 

Color Club Platinum Record - Shade

This is one coat over a two coats of black creme. The thing that makes this silver glitter different from others is that it is not holographic. It is just plain silver glitter. It has large and medium sized silver glitter in a clear base.  The big pieces of glitter are quite big and do curl because of their size.  This polish is rough once on, so does require a couple of coats to make it smooth to the touch.

I think this polish is better suited as a top coat, and can imagine it may be a challenge to do a whole mani with just this polish (especially because I like the nail to be completely covered in glitter).  As a top coat it is not too hard to remove (being a glitter) but would be as a complete mani.

Lots of Love

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