Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ozotic 533

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been sick for abut a months now (I am currently taking my second course of antibiotics). My computer has pretty much died and takes about 30 minutes to load a website. I had to find a new job in the last couple of weeks. Luckily that wasn't too hard, but still is a nerve racking process. I've also been doing other things - recently I got into cupcake decorating so have been doing lots of baking.

I had been putting off buying some Ozotic polishes for a long time because the price combined with the shipping to New Zealand was pretty high (Even by NZ standards).  But when Picture Polishes announced that Ozotic were discontinuing their 500 series I had a little panic attack and bought 8 of them.

533 is from the Mish Mash collection.  There are four polishes in this collection and all are multi coloured holographic polishes designed to be worn over a black base.

 Ozotic 533 over Black - Sunshine

 Ozotic 533 over Black - Shade

Today was our first day of sun in a very very long time. Luckily I managed to snap these pics before it disappeared.  This is two thin coats of 533 over two coats of black.  It sparkles from green to teal to blue to purple when you hold your hand to the sun at different angles.  This is a beautiful holographic polish. 

Picture polish no longer has stock left of 533 on their website but Llarowe is still selling 533 for US$14.50 and has international shipping. Picture polishes announced not long ago that there were less than 150 of these polishes left in the world. Grab yours now before they become impossible to find!

Lots of Love

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