Monday, May 14, 2012

Color Club Magnetic Force Giveaway!

Celebrate the release of the Color Club Magnetic Force Collection in New Zealand by winning all 6 polishes!
Left to Right: Sci-Fi, Cop an Attitude, Hipnotic, 
Magnetic Force, Electro Midnight, Steel of the Night

One winner will win the entire set of Color Club Magnetic polishes.  
Thanks to Color Club New Zealand for sponsoring this giveaway.
Color Club Magnetic Force polishes will be for sale in New Zealand Amazon stores from next week.

This giveaway is only open to New Zealand Residents.
Giveaway will close Sunday 3rd of June.

Leave a comment below with your email address, and where in New Zealand you live.
You must be a GFC follower (please let me know the name you follow as)
You can gain extra entries if you blog, tweet or share this giveaway on Facebook  (just include a link in your comment below)

Lots of Love


  1. Wow, what a cool giveaway! I have been drooling over Cop An Attitude :) I'm in Wellington too & my email address is beadedjewellerynz at

  2. I've been eagerly waiting for these to come to NZ!! I'm in Wellington & my email address is pj at

  3. Oh what a great giveaway! I wish I was at home in Wellington, but sadly I am in Auckland ;)
    GFC = Anneke
    email =

    1. With the cold and weather like we have now you are lucky to not be in Wellington!

    2. Ha yea I often hear that, but to be honest the home cooked meals with the fam make it slightly easier to handle, I reckon :)

  4. Thanks for the cool giveaway! My email is joroto1(at), GFC is jordiee1 (or jordiexox, i'm new to this website!) and I tweeted the giveaway too :)!/jordiee1

  5. Oh my goodness - I can't believe I didn't see your giveaway - and that it's open to NZer's ha - love it! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

    I follow you with GFC: nailstyle
    Email: nailstyles(at)


    Oh and I live just north of Auckland

  6. Hey!
    I don't use GFC as I follow blogs with google reader and bloglovin' so I tried to sign up to GFC so I could enter your giveaway and totally cannot do it :( I dont know what I am doing wrong but I hope you can enter me anyway as I love reading your blog and was so happy when I found a NZ nail polish fanatic! Its nice to see that Im not the only one that complains about high Nailpolish prices here in NZ lol.
    Anyway, I follow you on Google reader under and I live in Auckland! I hope I can be entered in your giveaway! Thanks for hosting this giveaway anyway, especially for NZ only! Such a nice idea lol.

    Kind regards!

  7. Awesome Lisa!!! Magnetic Force looks like my cup of tea. Thanks for the giveaway!

    GFC: Nail Polish Anon
    Email: mikkidikki(at)hotmail(dot)com
    Location: Christchurch
    FB Link:

  8. Argh I've been looking for these everywhere and cant find them!
    I follow you with: hellocourtney
    I live in Auckland.
    Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway!

  9. awesome giveaway, looks great and excellent for the new zealanders out there to geet a chance
    i should be under Karen Petersen with email

    living on the coast in Gisborne

  10. Yay, cool prize
    Anita dot e dot macdonald at gmail dot com

  11. Very cool prize!
    I live in Wellington. I should be under Harriet Jane for GFC.
    My email is harriet.jane07(at)

  12. Wow, there really aren't as many Kiwis as expected!
    blog(ish) link =

  13. Wow, awesome!!!! I live in Taupo. My email is

  14. Ooh I love the Electro Midnight polish!!!

    GFC is nicolewillrock
    I have shared on fb and twitter @nicolewillrock but cant link from my phone :(

    nicolewillrock (at) gmail (dot) com

    And im currently living in Akld :)

  15. Oooh i love the Hipnotic color!!
    Living in waipawa ( Hawkes Bay )
    I am under Katienz on GFC

    Thanks :):)

  16. just perfect for my granddaughter! im in napier, under dancer666 on gfc >

  17. I have been looking everywhere for magnetic polishes! Follow name in gfc is Emma email emzyl06 at I live in Christchurch

  18. Beautiful colors! Im, I'm in rotorua

  19. Oh, and I follow under the name tamsyn4magic

  20. WAH! This is awesome! I'm from Christchurch and my gfc name is Paige Baxter. Also, my email is

  21. GFC: Sewwy
    email: sarah AT thelacquerdiaries DOT com

    I'm from Auckland. :) I'm actually so excited to have found a fellow Kiwi blogger! Aaaah! :)

    Going to follow your blog on bloglovin' too just so I can stay up to date with your posts :)