Saturday, December 18, 2010

Storage Problem Solved

Here in New Zealand we do not have IKEA. Therefore we do not have helmers and melmers :(
It is really hard to find storage solutions for nail polishes here.

As of a couple of days ago my stash hit the 300 mark and no longer fit under my coffee table where it was all being stored.

I went to the Warehouse last night and found these stackable boxes that were actually high enough to stand nail polishes up in.

They are single units, but I have stacked 5 on top of each other. They are plastic and therefore once full with polish a bit iffy, but hopefully they will do the job in the meantime. I have managed to fit all 300 polishes into these five but will be going back to get a few more soon.

I managed to fit about 60 polishes into each draw.

These were $12.99 each, so not too cheap when you need lots of them. But so far they are the only stackable storage solution I have found in New Zealand that are the right hight for storing polish in.

Woohoo bonus Christmas tree picture :)

Lots of Love


  1. I have something similar except I fit about 80 something polishes :) Too bad I only have one and the rest I'm storing them in shoe/big packaging boxes until I can get more pull out drawers.

  2. Nice system! Have you seen the Sistema Klip It containers? They are supposedly made in NZ. I have 2 of those in the 7L size and 1 in the 5L size and they stack quite well and are the perfect height for polish - no wasted space. Mine all fit quite well in that arrangement but I only have around 170-180 polishes. I'm trying to slow down/stop buying since I like the current selection and range of colours I have.

  3. Millie I never thought about klip it containers. I think I like the draw system better. I have a lot of klip it containers in my kitchen :) they are great